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Box with strawberries



Необходими материали


Still life with strawberries 


Modelling Paste 


Acrylic paint - apple green 



Acrylic paint -green 


Acrylic Colour Set 



Contour liner - universal 







Today we will show you a quick, easy and fun decoration that you can make with your children. As we like to say - there is nothing more wonderful than messy fingers  while we create something beautiful, and even more wonderful when we have two hours of special time with our kids.

For our project we chose a wooden box with a cheerful, childlike design of the cap that we will re-create in a real box of forest fairies.


The main emphasis in our project will be the attractive relief that resembles forest moss that we will achieve with Pentart's light modelling paste.

Apply the paste on the box sides and smoothen well with a pallet knife. You will notice that this paste is applied extremely smoothly. Once it dries, it will remain flexible and will retain its shape. Even on a dense layer, the paste will not crack. This quality makes it excellent for moulds - after drying, the moulded details will keep its flexible and smooth texture.

For our project, we want to sculpt a relief that looks shaggy like a forest moss. On the modeling paste, we can use different tools to add  - a wood-spatula relief ...

or a piece of lace to put on the  wet paste

While waiting for the paste to dry, stain strawberries on the lid of the box.

Once the paste has dried, we will have the desired effect - the asymmetrical, disintegrated relief of the Gossypus moss, as is the effect we are looking for.

The already dried modelling paste will be stained with dark green acrylic paint. Using the dry brush technique we will apply a green paint to the relief in a luminous tone - this way we will achieve the texture and colour of the moss. We will make accents with a contour liner.

As a final touch, we will emphasize strawberries on the 3D varnish lid.


























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