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How to Decorate a Children's Table



For our next  lesson of creativity, we decided to choose a project  to please the youngest fans of creativity and arts.  Today we will show you how to  children's table. We are so glad to introduce to you our brand new product line - the children's chairs and table.  Besides purely functional children's furniture, those sweet miniature furniters are a wonderful creative gift that will encourage your child's creative thinking while deciding how to decorate the chosen motif. Last but not least, fun for children and adults is guaranteed while playing with brushes and paints. 


Required materials







Acrylic primer


Decor Soft - baby pink


Decor Soft - yellow



Dekor varnish silky shine 



So let's get started!



We will decorate our design with the Décor Soft paints, which is specially designed for furniture. The paints are water-based, they are excellent for working with children. The basis for the construction of any kind of craft technique is the application of acrylic primer. The primer prepares the surface for decoration so that the paint that will be built on top is done as smoothly and evenly as possible.



Once we have waited for the primer to dry, it is time to start the actual decoration of the project. As you will notice, the motives of children`s furniture are realy easy to decorate – easy as piece of cake. Start applying the choosen colour of paint with a synthetic soft brush. Synthetic hair is always the preferred choice when applying acrylic paints as it provides a smooth and even trace of smearing.



Wait for the first layer of paint to dry well. To ensure a lasting and intense color, apply another layer of paint. This will provide an even smoother and even surface. Once you have colored the table as you like it is desirable to apply a layer of protective varnish. They are to variants of varnish wich matches of Decor Soft paints:

matt varnish


and silky shine



Choose the varnish varies depending on the final effect you want to achieve, given that the matte varnish slightly dampens the intensity of the colors and the glossy highlights make them a little brighter and brighter.
And ready - you already have a fully functional table with a pleasant bonus - personally decorated by you or by your child.

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