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Polymer clay earrings in neon colors

Polymer clay earrings in neon colors

polymer clay earrings


Summer is the best time for spectacular jewelry in sparkling colors - especially if it is handmade by your self. We will show you an idea for earrings with a mind-blowing neon effect, with which you will make an impression everywhere - both on the beach and in the disco.

Required materials:


Modeling tools

Polymer clay FIMO SOFT - black

Polymer clay FIMO EFFECT – fluorescent

Polymer clay FIMO EFFECT - neon yellow

Polymer clay FIMO EFFECT - neon green

Polymer clay FIMO EFFECT - neon orange

Polymer clay FIMO SOFT – white


Roll out half a block of black FIMO SOFT using an acrylic rolling pin – or the modeling tools. Next, cut small pieces of your chosen neon colored clay. Arrange the small flower pieces on top of the black clay so that they overlap in places. You will achieve a particularly original effect if you add small pieces of fluorescent clay.


choose polymer clay colors


Place a piece of wax paper or foil on the surface thus arranged and roll again with light pressure. If you decide that the design needs more color, this is the time to add new clay crumbs.


roll over arranged pieces of clay


Place the colored piece on baking paper and cut out the shape of the earrings. For your convenience, you can draw the template on a piece of paper, apply on top and form the desired shape more precisely. You can also use stamp cutters or household cookie cutters.


choose the pattern of the earring


Roll out one piece of FIMO effect neon yellow. Cut out circles using a cookie cutter or scalpel - you'll find it easier to use a cookie cutter. Place the finished parts on baking paper and harden in the oven for 30 minutes at 230 degrees.


form a circle of yellow neon clay


After the details have cooled, cool, fasten the circle and the pendant together. You can use a hoop or jeweler's wire. Glue an earring base to the yellow circle using super glue.


assemble together the earring elements


And that's it - your gorgeous, completely unique earrings are ready - and they will glow in the dark, which will certainly not leave you unnoticed.


glowing in a dark earrings


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