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Painting on porcelain

Painting on porcelain


Painting on glass and porcelain is a beautiful and creative activity suitable for both children and older fans of applied arts. In this blog-meeting, we will show you how to quickly and easily paint a porcelain cup, which you can turn into an attractive and personalized gift for a loved one.

First of all, we need to prepare for work the vessel that will be decorated. Wash well with detergent and dry. Clean further with alcohol - the surface should not have any traces of grease or stains, as this will prevent the paints from adhering.



Trace the contours of the desired detail with a glass and porcelain marker or a universal contour - this step will make it easier to precisely apply the paints to the glass and prevent the paint from smearing, especially if you are working with more liquid paints. Leave to dry.



Apply the desired colors to the drawing - you can use both glass and porcelain paints and glass and porcelain markers. Wait for it to dry. You are going to fix the color by baking the already painted part - this way you will further strengthen the paint and you will be able to wash the finished part.


Place the dish in a cold oven and set the temperature according to the instructions of the paints you used - usually 160 degrees, with a baking time between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the size of the dish. Wait for the specified time to pass, turn off the oven and let the workpiece cool in a closed oven. The painted dishes treated in this way can be washed by hand, without aggressive abrasives. And, that's it - you now have a great decorative vessel that you can give as a gift or use in the household with a smile and a smile.



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