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Junk-magazine - the pleasure of making a scrapbook

Junk-magazine - the pleasure of making a scrapbook


Surely you have seen beautiful notebooks, the pages of which are lavishly decorated with all kinds of beautiful pieces of paper, stickers, artificial flowers and small ornaments. We used to call these attractive books "dictionaries" or "book of memory" and we enjoyed writing, drawing, pasting and exchanging pictures for them. Today, junk journals are re-establishing themselves as an attractive, beautiful and enjoyable activity for people who still like to write by hand.


How is a junk journal different from a scrapbook? Scrapbook albums are precisely crafted, durable, glossy and exquisitely decorated, with the idea of lasting a long time as a keepsake or decoration. A junk journal, on the contrary, is often a book made of all kinds of scraps and scraps of paper, an object intended to be used - in junk journals you write, draw, record ideas, recipes, memes, memories - anything interesting that comes to your mind and wish to save.



Scrapbooking journals are often decorated with special designer papers and materials. Often in the decoration of junk magazines there are also materials that at first glance have nothing to do with art - remnants of paper spam, old packaging papers, receipts and in general everything that creates an association for you and you want to keep.




For scrapbooking fans, these art journals are an excellent opportunity to try out new materials and tools – stamps , markers , paints , stencils and inks – or to experiment with an interesting new technique. Whether you're creating an exquisite handmade organizer or just an artistic notebook in which you scribble and stick pictures, junk magazines are a really enjoyable activity, the main purpose of which is to put us in a good mood when we open the covers.


First, what does it take to create a Junk magazine? You can use any journal to decorate. You also need office supplies - dry and liquid glue, double-sided tape, paper clips. The main purpose of this type of album is to have fun while creating something beautiful - and why not, with a practical application. Some creatives take journals to the point of fine art by making the book themselves - sewing the pages together and then mounting them into beautiful, again hand-made covers - a topic we may cover in another of our blog-meetings. There are magazines dedicated to one theme or color. Others prefer a style in which they use materials and textures in a seemingly random manner - the main rule and pleasure of this type of crafting activity is that there are no rules. At first glance, the art journal seems impossible to use - the pages are often so densely covered with clippings, embellishments and images that it is almost impossible to find space to write. But this type of journal is extremely creative because there are so many fun ways to turn this fun activity into a wonderful and really useful organizer.


You can create extra writing space by gluing pieces of notebook pages onto your already decorated paper. Another interesting solution is the pockets between the pages - you can additionally put notes, clippings, photos or the ticket from your favorite concert in them - anything you want to keep as a memory. An interesting option for providing more space is the staggered folding of the pages that you will glue inside. Tags, stickers - anything you can use is welcome to decorate your journal. What practical use can we find for our lavishly decorated notebook? An artistically organized weekly schedule, a shopping list, the recipe for a favorite gourmet meal - the junk journal is created to be actively used. You can draw, doodle and even write a book in your art journal. But the main goal is to have fun while creating bits of beauty in our everyday lives.




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