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Painting with watercolor markers and watercolor masking gel

Painting with watercolor markers and watercolor masking gel


We have often said that there is no one who cannot draw, or who cannot learn to draw - especially especially if you choose watercolor for the first attempts. In today's meeting, we will show you a quick, easy and interesting way to make a beautiful illustration using watercolor markers and a watercolor paint mask - and the result will surely make you feel like a real maestro.

Required materials:

Watercolor markers

Masking gel

Brushes with water tank



First, draw the contour of the part with a soft pencil, not pressing too hard on the paper.



Apply the masking gel to the areas of the image where you do not want color. Allow the gel to dry for about half an hour.



Bring in the color – draw separate lines close together with watercolor markers. We used dark red and brown to achieve a softer shade of red.



Blend the colors with the watercolor brush. It is preferable to use less water.



Add some watercolor marker to a plastic palette - press the pen so that it leaves marks. Mix several colors in this way to achieve new shades.



Again, using the watercolor brush, add water to make the color lighter and more fluid. Paint the stem with the diluted color. Add a little extra color to the drawing to make shadows - brown or black are good options. We're going to let you in on a secret here – if you're in doubt about what color to make your eyeshadow, always go for purple. As a neutral color - neither warm nor cold, it always manages to harmonize with other colors, regardless of whether you painted more in the warm or cool range.



Blend the colors again with the watercolor brush.



After the watercolor is completely dry, wipe off the masking gel with your fingertips.



To finish, draw the contours of the figure and small details with a black marker pen.

And that's it - you now have your own finished painting - and it wasn't too difficult, was it?




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