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How to make a DIY Wax air freshener

How to make  a DIY Wax air freshener


Making your own air freshener is a great way to freshen up the atmosphere at home – pleasant scents are proven to help relax and lift your mood. In addition, you will avoid buying expensive products from the store, which often contain not-so-healthy substances. Making wax fragrances is a pleasant and creative activity that gives you the opportunity to experiment with your favorite scents, but also to make an environmentally friendly product. In today's meeting, we will show you in a few easy steps how to make a fragrant wax bar that you can use as an air fresher or melt in an aroma lamp.


Required materials

Soy wax

Aromatic oil

Suitable silicone mold



Melt a small amount of soy wax in a water bath. If you don't have a kitchen scale with which to measure the exact amount, work with a 2:1 ratio - that is, melt two doses of dry matter needed to fill your silicone mold.



Melt in a water bath over low to moderate heat. Do not allow the liquid to boil. When the wax is ready to pour, it will become slightly clear and thick like syrup.



Remove from heat and add flavoring of choice. The more drops you add, the richer the aroma will be.



Mix carefully and pour the liquid into the chosen mold. Removed from the heat, the wax begins to harden relatively quickly, so work not only strictly and carefully, but also skillfully.



Here is the moment, if you wish, to add additional decoration - dried flowers or small elements. Allow to cool completely, then unmold. 



Enjoy the beautiful object you made with your own hands - use it as an aroma freshener, or melt it in an aroma lamp. 



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