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DIY flower pot made of self-drawing clay

DIY flower pot made of self-drawing clay


We love to share projects in which we can create something beautiful and practical from completely banal everyday items - like, for example, turning a boring plastic bucket into a beautiful flowerpot. We will use a new and interesting product - self-drying clay with a granite effect, and for luxury - we will also add gilding.


Required materials

FIMO air clay 350g granite effect

Modeling tools

Slag metal

Adhesive for varak and slag metal




First, roll out a piece of clay to a layer approximately 5 millimeters thick. To make sure you get an even thickness, place the clay between two pencils – this way you apply more even pressure and make sure the clay is rolled out smoothly.



Carefully wrap the sheet of clay around the cup. Cut off some of the excess. Shape the bottom of the pot - smooth the edges so they meet.



Smooth out the unevenness of the clay – you can use either a dampened spatula or your fingertips. To remove edges and creases, roll the cup several times on the mat with light pressure.



Allow the piece to dry for at least 24 hours.



Apply varak glue and slag metal to the surface you wish to gild. Wait for the glue to dry - it will be clear but still slightly tacky.



Carefully apply the slag metal with your fingers and lightly smooth with a fine, dry brush. Brush off the excess bits. The surface of the already finished part will strongly resemble the texture and effect of granite.

And that's it - your beautiful vase with gilding will soon house a beautiful flower.



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