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Stamps and embossing

Acrylic and clear stamps perfect for stamping with different inks over paper, cardboard, wood, etc. All stamps can be combined with heat embossing technique. This technique allows you to create a 3D image with a variety of effects - metallic, pearl, transparent over paper/cardboards. Use an acrylic/rubber stamp and ink it with a transparent heat embossing ink and place it over a surface of your choice. Sprinkle with an embossing powder and heat it with an embossing heat tool. The embossing technique and the acrylic/rubber stamps are suitable for scrapbooking, albums, cards, etc.

Acrylic and rubber stamps suitable for embossing and other hobby techniques for stamping images over paper, cardboard, wood, etc. Perfect for decoration of cards, scrapbook albums, frames, wooden boxes, etc. All stamps can be used with an acrylic block and an ink.


Acrylic and rubber stamps (104)

Water - based distress effect inks. These inks aren't permanent (waterproof) after drying, which makes them perfect for "distress" effect, watercolor effect and for the creation of different backgrounds over paper/cardboard.

Distress effect inks (0)

Slow - drying pigment and stain ink pads. Suitable for stamping with acrylic/rubber stamps and for heat embossing technique as well. Some of them stay permanent after heating. Perfect for cards decoration, tags, scrapbook albums, wooden box decoration, etc.

Slow-Drying Inks (24)

Oil - based permanent and waterproof stamp pad inks. Suitable for stamping over cardboard, leather, glass, bare wood, plastic, ceramics, etc. Suitable for afterwards drawing with acrylic pencils, however, these inks cannot be used with alcohol - based markers. Suitable for decorations of cards, scrapbook albums, etc.

Alcohol markers suitable for drawing, colouring, illustrations; with two tips - chisel and brush. Wide range of colours, which could be used for colour gradation.

Permanent inks (27)

Embossing is a technique, which allows you to create a 3D image with different effects - metallic, pearl or transparent over paper/cardboard or wood. Use an acrylic/rubber stamp pad and ink it with a transparent ink for heat embossing. After you have created the image on a surface of your choice, sprinkle over it with an embossing powder and heat it with an embossing heat tool. This technique is perfect for the creation of scrapbook cards, albums, etc.

Embossing tools and powders (76)

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