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Acrylic paints

Pentart water based acrylic paints are fast - drying, full coverage and easy to use paints. Can be applied over various products - wood, paper, cardboard, textile, leather, plastic, metal, glass, textile, polystyrene, canvas, etc. Their wide range of applications makes them the perfect choice for every professional, educational or hobby purpose, interior decorations or drawing techniques. Available in a wide range of colors and sorts - matte, glossy, metallic, pearl, chameleon, neon, glow in the dark, chalkboard, cracking and other kinds of paints. 

Glossy finishing acrylic paints suitable for different surfaces. Range of standard glossy paints (20 ml plastic container) and creamy acrylic paints with perfect coverage - 60 ml. Can be applied with synthetic or sponge brush.

Glossy acrylic paints (92)

Acrylic paints with matte finish, suitable for applying on various surfaces and waterproof after drying.
A range with standard matte paints in 50ml, 100ml and 230ml, suitable for applying on wood, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, styrofoam and other.
A range special made for painting furniture in 100ml, 230ml and 500ml. Available in matte, glossy and effect metallic range. With the paints, you can renovate every furniture or make a vintage style.

Matte acrylic paints (158)

Water based acrylic paints with metalic and pearl effects. Come in 20ml, 50ml, 60ml and 100ml plastic containers. All paints from this set contain tiny particles, which create the metalic effect thus the paint has to be always applied in the same direction. In this way the paint can show its unique effect. Suitable for application over wood, polystyrene, ceramics, plastic, metal, textile, stone, paper, cardboard, etc. Can be applied with synthetic or sponge brush.

Acrylic paints metalic, pearl, neon, lazur gel (127)

Cracking and antiquing paints for vintage effect. Wide range of cracking paint colors and antiquing paints, which can be wiped off with a special liquid solution after application. By doing so an antique finishing line can be created.

Cracking and antiquing paints (17)

Fast - drying, water based, media mist spray paints. Create either matte or glossy effect depending on the surface you apply the paints. Suitbale sof tecniques such as Mix media, Scrapbooking, decoupage. Can be used with stenicls as well. 

Media Mist Spray (20)

Contour liners - standart and effect colors for different surfaces - wood, styrofoam, plastic, metal, fabric, stone, paper, cardboard and others. 

Contours (53)

Thinners and cleaning products for all kinds of drawing tools. Can be used for cleaning synthetic brushes, sponge brushes, palette knives, flat brush pork bristles, etc. Suitable for usage when woring with water based, solvent based and alchohol based products

Thinners and Cleaning Products (10)

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