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IDEA HOBBY manufactures high quality wooden objects for home decoration from birch plywood in various sizes and shapes such us wooden tea boxes, wine boxes, jewelry boxes, memory boxes, key holders, post boxes, chests, baskets, trays, napkin holders, candle holders, boards and clock bases, 3D wooden puzzles, dollhouse and miniature furniture, mini gardens furniture. All wooden objects are available not painted and some products are available disassembled in a blister pack. All wooden items can be used without decoration or they can be decorated with different craft techniques, such as decoupage, acrylic painting, varnishing, mix media and much more.
IDEA HOBBY offers personalized laser engraving, including company logo engravings.



Pentart is producing fast drying, water based acrylic paints with good coverage and easy to use. They can be applied on wood, paper, cardboard, canvas, fabric, leather, plastic, metal, glass, styrofoam, etc.
Pentart offers paints for drawing on glass, ceramics, porcelain, leather, fabric and silk in variety of colors. The company offers objects for decoration from glass , ceramics and styrofoam.
Pentart manufactures effect materials suitable for aging objects - crackle mediums for vintage effect, products for producing rust or patina effect, structure pastes, antique pastes, wax pastes, gilding products, alcohol inks, effect powders, resin and many others.

Pentart (963)

Conda is manufacturer of primed cotton canvases and canvas panels, which are suitable for any kind of painting and hobby techniques. They can be used for painting with acrylic paints, watercolor paints, oil paints, tempera paints, structure pastes, pouring medium for acrylic paints. The can be also used for decoupage technique, image transfer technique or mix media.
Conda offers sketchbooks in various sizes, weight of the paper and number of the pages, depending on their purpose.
Here you will find natural and synthetic brushes in different shapes and sizes, spatules, palletes, sponge brushes, rollers, manequins, cleaning products. There are available table easels and sketching easels from wood and aluminium.

Conda (142)

Creativ offers products from felt and wool suitable for different craft projects, elements for decoration, objects from ceramics and glass, stickers, objects from styrofoam and plastic, bushes, canvases, etc.

Creativ (237)

Docafts offers scrapbook materials such as scrapbook papers and paper pads, stamp inks, ribbons, elements for decoration, stickers, markers, etc.

Docrafts (172)

DP Craft offers craft punches in various sizes and shapes. They can be used for cutting paper, cardboard and EVA foam (depending on the type of the punch). Small elements suitable for different kind of decorations - paper flowers, adhesive pearls and stones, decorative buttons, ribbons, stickers and creative kits for children.

DP Craft (471)

FIMO manufactures special polymer clay, suitable for using both from adults and children. With the polymer clay FIMO you can easily make jewelry which hardens after baking. The air drying clay is very soft clay, which can be easily use from children. After drying it can be colored with paints.

FIMO (124)

High-quality rubber and acrylic stamps suitable for embossing and other hobby techniques for stamping images over paper, cardboard, wood, etc. Perfect for decoration of cards, scrapbook albums, frames, wooden boxes, etc. All stamps can be used with an acrylic block and an ink.

Florileges design (29)

IHR produces napkins with beautiful designs suitable for decoupage techinique. In this category you will find designs with spring, summer and autumn motives, and also Easter and Christmas designs, suitable for interior decorations.

IHR (198)

ITD Collection is manufacturer of rice papers for decoupage. The rice paper is very fine paper suitable for decoupage technique. It is stronger than the napkin and is easier for use, even on larger objects such as furniture. It can be glued on any kind of surface (wood, glass, ceramics, fabric, plastic, styrofoam, cardboard), which is primed and colored in light color (white or ivory).

ITD Collection (185)

Joy Crafts produces cutting dies. The cutting dies can be used with the most die cutting machines on the market. They are suitable for cardmaking, album decorations, gift wrapping, decoration on boxes, patchwork and other paper projects.

Joy Crafts (174)

Papers for you is family own company founded in 2015. They produce rice papers for decoupage, scrapbook papers and scrapbook paper pads. It has a wide range of designs, constantly creating new ones according to market trends.

Papers For You (123)

Piatek Trzynastego is manufacturer of scrapbook paper pads, double sided scrapbook papers, stickers and paper elements for decoration, which are suitable for different scrapbook projects - cardmaking, tags, scrapbook pages, album decoration, gift boxes, etc.

Piatek Trzynastego (279)

ProTsvetnoy are manufacturers of creative kits - painting by numbers and diamond paintings. With these sets you can make DIY gift, you can decorate your home or you can just have fun. The sets contain everything necessary and are suitable even for children.

ProTsvetnoy (26)


Reschimica is Italian manufacturer of epoxy and polyurethane resins, silicone rubber for molds, colors for resins and all needed accessories. The resins are one component or two component and are suitable for making jewelry, casting or covering different objects. The colors are suitable for all of the resins which the brand offers. In addition to silicone rubber, with which you can create your own molds, there are ready made ones.

Reschimica also consider for the youngest creators. Some of the products are suitable for them and have a safety certificate.

Reschimica (32)

Silhouette is brand hobby plotters for making craft projects from paper.

Silhouette (3)

Sizzix produces cutting dies and embossing folders. The cutting dies can be used with the most die cutting machines on the market. They are suitable for cardmaking, album decorations, gift wrapping, decoration on boxes, patchwork and other paper projects.

Sizzix (132)

Sizzix is manufacturer of cutting machines from the series Big Shot, which are suitable for cutting and embossing of paper, cardboard, felt, fabric, EVA foam, chipboard, foil. The machines are perfect for making greeting cards, albums, scrapbook projects, wedding invitations, baby shower, gift wrapping, felt decorations, patchwork, etc.

Sizzix Big Shot machine (5)

The wide variety of Stamperia designs will satisfy even the most demanding crafters. A variety of decoupage rice papers, beautiful motifs scrapbook papers, high quality stamps and beautiful stencils will help you add even more personality and sophistication to your projects.

Stamperia (593)

Tonic Studios product line is already here.
Fantastic variety of applied arts tools and materials.

Tonic Studios (0)

Trimcraft offers scrapbook paper pads, one sided and double sided papers, stickers, elements for decoration, paper flowers, buttons, adhesive pearls, alcohol markers and other products, which are suitable for cardmaking, tags, scrapbook papers, album decoration, gift box decoration and other papercraft projects.

Trimcraft (452)

WOW Embossing Powder manufactures powders for embossing technique. Embossing is a technique where you can create an embossed image on paper, cardboard or wood with different effects - metallic, pearl, transparent. A silicone or rubber stamp is used which is inked with transparent ink for embossing and printed on the surface. Sprinkle with embossing powder and heat with a hot air tool (embossing gun).

WOW embossing powder (69)

Kadife Craft produces quilling strips and tools. Quilling is a paper technique that uses paper strips that are rolled up and folded into different shapes to create interesting decorative designs.

Kadife Craft (80)