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Paints for Glass, Porcelain and Fabric

IDEA HOBBY offer paints for glass, porcelain, ceramics, leather, textile and silk and a huge variety of colors with different effects. We also offer obejects for decoration made of glass, ceramics and styrofoam. Our various materials for glass and porcelain decoration are suitable for classic techniques such as "glass painting" and for other effects such as mattyfing and cracking effects, glass engraving, mirror mist spray effect, etc. 

Category with special products for glass and porcelain painting - alcohol inks, 3D pastes, alcohol-based glass paints, water-based glass and porcelain paints, mirror effect spay, chameleon paints for glass, universal contours.

Glass and Porcelain paints (60)

Water - based products for drawing on different types of fabric (cotton, synthetic textile, genuine/artificial leather), which come in standard and metallic effect colors. Suitable for clothes, accessories, covers, pillows, shoes, bags decoration. Drying takes 24 hours. Fix the fabric with an iron from the inside out (for textile) or hairdryer (for leather).

Fabric paints (97)

Special products suitable for painting techniques on silk - silk paints, silk contours, primer for silk.

Silk Painting (25)

Objects made of ceramics and glass, which can be decorated with products for painting on ceramics and glass, acrylic paints and other materials for craft techniques. Refresh your home and office interior by using our different paints and contours for drawing on ceramics, glass and plastic.

Ceramic and Glass products (38)

Polystyrene and plastic objects suitable for different decorations. Can be decorated with acrylic paints, pigment pastes, decoupage technique, designer paper, felt, quiling paper, polymer clay, carded wool and other craft materials.

Styrofoam and plastic products (31)

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