Glass and Porcelain paints

A variety of products for the decoration of glass, porcelain and ceramics. With the products, you can decorate any objects, incl. cups, plates, vases, trays. In the category you will find alcohol-based glass paints (without firing), water-based porcelain and glass paints (with firing), matting gel for glass, spray for creating a mirror effect, chameleon glass paints, universal outlines, alcohol inks, embossing pastes.

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Painting on glass and porcelain

The technique of painting on glass is popular not only among professional artists, but also among beginners. For this reason, hobby paints and other materials for painting on glass are available on the market.

What types of glass and porcelain paints are available?

Paints for glass and porcelain are of two types - water-based and solvent-based.
  • Water-based paints are easy to use and safe. They do not have a strong smell and are easy to clean the brushes and the skin of the hands. The specific thing about them is that in order for them to be permanent on the decorated item and for it to be washable, they need to be fired (baked) in an oven according to the instructions on the product packaging.
  • The advantage of solvent-based glass paints is that after they are completely dry, they become permanent and the object is resistant to washing, without the need for additional fixing in an oven.

According to coverage, glass paints are divided into:
  • Stained glass, which gives color to the glass, but preserves its transparency.
  • Dense, which after application leave a covering colored layer on the glass.

What surface are they suitable for?

Paints can be used on glass, porcelain and ceramics.

What other materials can be used for decoration on glass and porcelain?

  • Universal Glass Contours - When using solvent-based glass paints, which are more liquid, we recommend pre-outlining the drawing with a universal contour that will prevent color spills and mixing.
  • Glass and Porcelain Markers – These are usually water based and it is recommended to fix the item in an oven to make it waterproof
  • Cracked Glass Medium - Creates a cracked glass effect while matting it, and the resulting crackles can be colored for a dopey effect.
  • Glass Etching Paste – When applied, a chemical reaction takes place to form a beautifully etched, smooth and matte layer.
  • Mirror Effect Spray on Glass - Creates a real mirror effect.
  • Matting gel for glass

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