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Decoupage technique

Decoupage is a technique for glueing thin paper (napkin or special rice paper) on any kind of surfaces, which is firstly painted with primer and white or ivory acrylic paint. Special decoupage glue is needed for glueing the paper, which should be applied on the surface and again on the paper as varnish. More information on different kinds of decoupage glues and techniques for using them can be seen in this video

Rice paper for decoupage technique, suitable for decoration on any surface - wood, glass, ceramics, cardboard, styrofoam, fabric, plastic and other. After wetting the paper, it becomes transparent. It should be glued with decoupage glue and varnish (universal, for glass and ceramics, for fabric).

Rice Decoupage Paper (365)

Napkins with various designs, suitable for different decorations and decoupage.

Napkins for decoupage (199)

Water-based primers and gesso for better adhesion between the decorated surface and the acrylic paints.

Primers (11)

Category with special glues for decoupage (matte and glossy), suitable for fabric, ceramics, glass, wood. Suitable varnishes for protection of the decoupage - matte, glossy, water-based, solvent-based, with 3D effect.

Decoupage Varnishes and Glues (35)

Stencils made of flexible and transparent material, reusable, suitable for various hobby techniques - decoupage, mix media, wall and furniture decorations. Thanks to the flexibility and the transparency of the material, all stencils can be on different materials - wood, glass, textile, leather, cardboard, plastic, etc. Place the stencil over a surface of your choice and apply the matterial (paint, structure paste, spray) by using either a sponge or a palette knife.

Mixed Media and Decoupage Stencils (86)

The transfer technique allows transferring coloured or black and white picture printed on laser printer on any kind of surface - wood, painted surface, canvas, cardboard, EVA foam, fabric.

Transfer technique (4)

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