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Varnishes and glues

High - quality varnishes either water or solvent based with either matte or glossy touch. Suitable for protection of different decorated surfaces. Our wide variety of glues allows glueing all kinds of materials to basically everything - paper, cardboard, wood, textile, leather, mosaic, glass, etc. Easy to use glues for plenty of hobby techniques - decoupage varnish and glue, glue for textile, cardboard, scrapbooking, metal leaf glue, etc.

Specialized water based glues suitable for different craft and hobby techniques. Paper, cardboard, plastic, ceramics, glass, mosaic, textile, leather can be glued. Available glues for decoupage technique, metal leaves and liquid metal as well. Apply directly to a surface of your choice or through a stencil with synthetic, soft brush or sponge brush.

Glues (28)

Water and solvent based varnishes, which preserve and give the perfect finishing line to every decorated product. Available in matte, glossy, velour and other different effects. Apply directly to a decorated surface of your choice with synthetic, soft brush or sponge brush.

Varnishes (27)

Glue guns and glue silicone sticks. Suitable for glueing different materials over different surfaces. The glue guns are perfect craft projects of all kinds and they are also a necessity for every household.

Glue guns and glue sticks (0)

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