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Rice Decoupage Paper

Rice paper is a special fine paper suitable for the decoupage technique and, unlike tissue paper, is much stronger and more convenient, especially for larger surfaces, e.g. decoupage of furniture. It can be glued to any surface (wood, glass, ceramic, textile, plastic, styrofoam, cardboard) that has been previously primed and painted with light colored acrylic paint (white or ivory). For gluing the rice paper, special decoupage glue and varnish are used, depending on the surface on which the decoupage will be made (universal, for ceramics and glass, for textiles). For additional resistance, a varnish suitable for the surface can be applied.

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Rice paper for decoupage

Rice paper is a special fine paper with a motif printed on it, which is suitable for the decoupage technique. It can be stuck on a variety of surfaces using decoupage glue, and then it will look like a drawing on the object.

What are the advantages of rice paper over tissue paper?

  1. Strength: Rice paper has built-in thin and fine threads, making it extremely strong. It is often the case that decoupage tissue is used, as it is more common, but with it there is a risk of tearing when applying the glue. There is no such danger with rice paper, so it is very suitable for decoupage beginners.
  2. Variety: As rice papers are specially created for this technique, you can find a wide variety of patterns and colors for different occasions - floral motifs, for wedding and christening, designs suitable for decorating Easter eggs, as well as winter and Christmas patterns.
  3. Convenient format: The most popular and common size of rice paper is A4.

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