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Hobby paints and decoupage

Variety of products suitable for painting and hobby techniques such as decoupage, glass and porcelain painting, textile painting, acrylic paints for decoration of different surfaces, materials for vintage effect, varnishes, glues.


Decoupage is a technique for glueing thin paper (napkin or special rice paper) on any kind of surfaces, which is firstly painted with primer and white or ivory acrylic paint. Special decoupage glue is needed for glueing the paper, which should be applied on the surface and again on the paper as varnish. More information on different kinds of decoupage glues and techniques for using them can be seen in this video

Decoupage technique (737)

IDEA HOBBY offer paints for glass, porcelain, ceramics, leather, textile and silk and a huge variety of colors with different effects. We also offer obejects for decoration made of glass, ceramics and styrofoam. Our various materials for glass and porcelain decoration are suitable for classic techniques such as "glass painting" and for other effects such as mattyfing and cracking effects, glass engraving, mirror mist spray effect, etc. 

Paints for Glass, Porcelain and Fabric (251)

Pentart water based acrylic paints are fast - drying, full coverage and easy to use paints. Can be applied over various products - wood, paper, cardboard, textile, leather, plastic, metal, glass, textile, polystyrene, canvas, etc. Their wide range of applications makes them the perfect choice for every professional, educational or hobby purpose, interior decorations or drawing techniques. Available in a wide range of colors and sorts - matte, glossy, metallic, pearl, chameleon, neon, glow in the dark, chalkboard, cracking and other kinds of paints. 

Acrylic paints (475)

Products suitable for creating ancient effect - crackle mediums for vintage effect, rust or patina effect colors, structure pastes, antique pastes, wax pastes, alchohol ink, metal leaves, effect pigment powder, ivory resin, etc. 

Pastes, patina, crackle mediums (327)

High - quality varnishes either water or solvent based with either matte or glossy touch. Suitable for protection of different decorated surfaces. Our wide variety of glues allows glueing all kinds of materials to basically everything - paper, cardboard, wood, textile, leather, mosaic, glass, etc. Easy to use glues for plenty of hobby techniques - decoupage varnish and glue, glue for textile, cardboard, scrapbooking, metal leaf glue, etc.

Varnishes and glues (56)

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