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IDEA HOBBY offers a variety of products for different painting techniques suitable for painters, students and hobby enthusiasts of all ages, who like to do art:
- Surfaces - unbleached cotton canvas placed on wooden frames in different sizes; cotton canvas panels, watercolor pads and pads suitable for drawing with pencils and tempera paints.
- Paints - water - based paints, glass and porcelain paints, leather and textile paints, oil - based paints and additional products such as oils, primers, creativity sets for kids, etc. 
- Instruments and tools - metal and wooden easels, synthetic and genuine hair brushes in different shapes and sizes, palette knives for giving shape and creating structure, sponge brushes, hard rubber brayers, palettes for mixing the paints, human manikin, cleaning products, etc.

Fast - drying, easy to use, water - based acrylic paints with good coverage. Can be applied over all kinds of surfaces - wood, paper, cardboard, canvas, plastic, metal, glass, styrofoam, etc. Perfect for creativity, a variety of hobby techniques, furniture and interior decorations, etc. These paints come in a wide range of colors and effects - matte, glossy, metallic, pearl, chameleon, chalkboard, neon, glow - in - the - dark and other kinds of effects.


Acrylic paints (385)

Special products for glass and porcelain painting - alcohol - based glass paints (with baking), water - based glass and porcelain paints (to be baked in the oven), contour liners and chameleon glass paints. With the help of these products, you can decorate plates, cups, vases, trays by applying the paint over the inside out surface. 

Glass and porcelain paints (41)

Water - based paints for drawing over different kinds of textile - cotton, genuine and artificial leather. These paints come in standard and metallic effect colors. Suitable for clothes, bags, shoes and accessories decorations. After drying fix in the oven or iron the surface from the opposite side.

Fabric and leather paints (91)

Oil paints in sets of 12 and 18 colors suitable for different drawing techniques. Ideal for painters and hobby enthusiasts. This category also includes thinners and varnishes suitable for oil paints.

Oil paints and thinners (11)

Acrylic primers and primer pastes (gesso) are water - based products, which prepare all kinds of surfaces (wood, plastic, canvas) for further decorations. The acrylic primers and primer pastes (gesso) help for a better interaction between the surface and the paint.

Primers (gesso) (11)

Special products for gilding surfaces - metal foil on sheets or flakes, suitable for renovation or painting icons; decor foil for various hobby techniques; liquid metal for gilding. The metal flakes/sheets and the decor foil should be glued on the surface with special glues - metal leaf glue or 3D glue.

Gilding (19)

The tools are great for every beginner or professional painter in arts, and also for hobby and creative activities. They are suitable for use in art classes in schools or kindergartens, art workshops, etc.
In this category, you will find brushes with natural and synthetic (artificial) hair in different shapes and sizes, palette knives for making textures, palettes for mixing paints, sponge brushes, rollers, mannequins for painting, cleaning products.

Brushes, pallets, tools (109)

Primed stretched canvases and canvas panels with perfect quality, which are suitable for different painting techniques. Ideal for painting with acrylic paints, watercolor paints, oil paints, tempera paint, 3D structure pastes, pouring medium, and can be also decorated with decoupage technique or mix media technique as well.

Stretched canvases and canvas panels (41)

Sketchbooks in different sizes and different kind, sheets and weight of the paper depending on its purpose. They are suitable for painting with acrylic paints, tempera paints, watercolor paints, contours, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, graphite pencils, charcoals, inks, markers, etc.

Sketchbooks (12)

The easels for painting are suitable for all ages and are necessary for development of the drawing skills, as for organization of exhibitions, workshops, interior decorations. There are available desktop easels and tripod easels from wood or aluminium. Perfect gift for every beginner or advanced artist!

Easels (7)

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