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Pastes, patina, crackle mediums

Products suitable for creating ancient effect - crackle mediums for vintage effect, rust or patina effect colors, structure pastes, antique pastes, wax pastes, alchohol ink, metal leaves, effect pigment powder, ivory resin, etc. 

Crackle varnishes and mediums are products with special effects suitable for creating antique looking surfaces. Use the one component crackle medium between two layers of acrylic paints - the medium will crack the second layer of paint. The two components crackle medium is suitable for cracking already decorated surfaces. In oreder to enhance the cracks you can use an antiquing paste. All crackle mediums can be applied over wood, glass, ceramics and other surfaces, whcih are decorated beforehand.

Crackle varnishes and mediums (10)

Pastes, rust effect, patina, resins, structure pastes perfect for creating different effects on your projects. The antique pastes can be used in combination with the two component crackle medium because this product beautifully enhances the cracks. The wax pastes also enhance different structures and they can be applied through stencils or with the help of  spatula. The structure pastes are perfect for creating textured surfaces by applying them with spatula or through stencils. The set also include resins, which are perfect for creating glass - looking surfaces, jewelleries and other 3D obejcts for decoration. 

Pastes, rust effect, patina, resins (110)

Pigment powders suitable for addition to water based products such as varnishes, transperent structure pastes, acrylic paints, etc. The powders give a fine glowy touch to the products, especially when applied to a dark surface. When used without any liquid/creamy products, the powders can be used for creating pearl effect on cardboard, polymer clay, etc. 

Powders (16)

Specialized products for gilding different surfaces - Metal leaves, liquid metal, decor foil. Suitable for gilding icons and other craft techniques; décor foil for decoration of different surfaces. The metal leaves has to be glued with a special metal leaf glue, while the decor foil has to be glued with а 3D glue. The 3D glue is used for creating structure and it can be applied through stencil.

Metal leaves, liquid metal, decor foil (20)

Fast - drying alcohol inks for various purposes. They stay permanent and semi - transparent after drying. Can be used over various surfaces - paper, cardboard, wood, glass and plastics for reaching watercolor effect. The finishing line can be either matte or glossy depending on the choosen surface. 

Alcohol Inks (35)

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