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IDEA HOBBY is a manufacturer of high quality wooden objects suitable for home interior decorations. The huge variety of different shapes and purposes is perfect for the decoration of every part of your home  - kitchen, living room, children's room, etc. Our kids' wooden furniture set, which consists of wooden shelves, chairs and tables, can be easily assembled by you and your kid. In addition, our wooden toys ready -to - assemble such as 3D wooden puzzles, doll houses and mini furnitures are helpful for your child's fine motor skills and for his/hers creative thinking as well. IDEA HOBBY offers personalized laser engraving, including company logo engravings.

IDEA HOBBY offers ready-to-assmble wooden shelves, chairs and tables, which are all fully functional beautiful pieces of furniture suitable for every home interior. Our shelves consist of separate modules, which can be attached to one another thus you can customize and create your own design for every wall. We also produce chairs with playful shapes perfect for every kid. All wooden objects are made of high quality birch plywood, which can be used either in the natural color of the tree or they can be decorated with different hobby techniques: acrylic painting, lasure coloring, varnishing, decoupage, etc. 

Wooden shelves, kid chairs and tables (11)

IDEA HOBBY 3D wooden puzzles are suitable for assembly toys for kids above the age of 4. Our beautiful and creative designs can be helpful for your child's fine motor skills and for his/hers creative thinking. After the assembly, all elements have to be glued to one another with our water based hobby glue. All of the 3D puzzles are a beautiful decoration for every home in their natural color, however, they can be coloured with acrylic water based paints or decorated with decoupage paper. Decorate your home while spending quality time with your kids!

3D wooden puzzles (24)

IDEA HOBBY doll houses and mini furniture are perfect for the development of the fine motor skills and the creative thinking of every child. All models are ready-to-assemble and suitable for children older than 4. We offer sets, which include one doll house and a full furniture package and we also offer separate doll houses and separate pieces of mini furniture. A water based hobby glue is neccessary for the assembly of every piece. Our doll houses and mini furniture can be colored with acrylic paints or decorated with hobby techniques such as decoupage, varnishing, silicon stamps, etc. 

Doll houses and mini furniture (30)

IDEA HOBBY wooden kids' figures are perfect for the development of the creative skills of every child. The huge variety of shapes and designs contribute to the dexterity and the creative thinking of kids older than 3. All figures can be colored with water based acrylic or tempera paints, color pencils, markers or they can be covered with polymer and modelling clay or designer papers. 

Wooden shapes for decoration (23)

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