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We, in IDEA HOBBY, process each of your orders with due attention, but because of the following circumstances your products may arrive in poor, damaged or non-conforming condition:
- Human mistake 
- Damage during transportation 
- Force majeure circumstances

We shall accept any of your claims in the following cases:

  • Instead of the product/s/ you ordered, we have sent you another one without previously specifying this by phone and/or email;
  • Established damages to the product/s/ after initial opening of the package, but not damages caused by the transport, i.e. without a visible violation of the package integrity.


How shall we compensate you for the above-mentioned cases: 

  • If the product has arrived to you in damaged condition or if it was replaced with a different one by our fault, and if it is available at our warehouse at the time of establishing the problem, we shall send it to you within 3-7 business days after the problem establishment, entirely at our expense, including the courier service charges.
  • If the product has arrived to you in damaged condition or if it was replaced with a different one by our fault, but it is not available at our warehouse as at the time  of establishing the problem, we shall refund  to you the equivalence of the product/s/ value in one of the following ways: 
    • By bank transfer;
    • Cash remittance;
    • Refund the value to your credit/debit card;
    • Refund the value to your PayPal account.

The method of the sums reimbursement shall depend on the method you have chosen for payment when finalizing your order.

We cannot accept a claim made by you in the following cases:

  • Established damages to the product/s/ as a result of transportation. Please take into account that when the products are damaged as a result of transportation, the responsibility for this lies entirely in the courier company through which we delivered your order. In order to receive a compensation for the damaged product/s/, it is necessary to file a claim against the courier having delivered the parcel, at the time of its receipt. In this case the courier shall make a protocol in 2 copies, as a result of which the courier company shall give you compensation in amount and by a method complied with their policy. Therefore, you are kindly requested to carefully examine the integrity of the package when accepting the parcel, as well as to check its contents in the presence of the courier.
  • Product/s/ ordered wrongly by you. In case that when placing your order you have omitted to order a product that is important to you, or you have ordered another product instead of the one you wished, we shall send to you the right product. The transport costs in both directions (return of the product/s/ mistaken by you) shall be entirely at your expense, and respectively, there shall be additional payment/cash refunding, if there is a difference in the unit price of the replaced product/s.


In order to declare a claim, please fill out the form presented below, or make a call on phone +359887999562.

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