Cookies policy

IDEA HOBBY uses cookies technology - data files that collect and store information while you visit our online store. The purpose of this is to enable us to identify your internet browser and to collect data on the use of our site by you – which pages you usually visit, what is the length of your visits, as well as to recognize this information when you revisit the site, in order to improve your convenience and practical work at our online store IDEA HOBBY

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files stored on your computer and used by the site in order to improve “the consumer experience” when reusing the same site.

What do we use cookies for? 
We use cookies not to keep an eye on our individual customers or to identify them, but in order to get useful information on how our site is used and how to improve it for our customers. Without the information that we receive from the system using these cookies, we shall not be able to provide some of the services we offer.

This site uses different types of cookies. 
1. WLID: It helps us find the desired product lists by the customer, stored for 6 months 
2. PCC: It helps us find a permanent or abandoned customer cart, stored for 6 months 
3. PPLastShow: Controlling pop-up showing frequency, stored for 2 months, does not contain personal data 
4. MIPHPF_SESSION<number >: It keeps the customer session identifier reserved only for the current browser session 
7. Facebook Pixel – It serves to track the performance of Facebook ads and to collect statistics that are anonymous and do not include users’ identity.
6. Google Analytics – a popular service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyze how users use the site. Shows the number of visitors and gives us information about their behavior, such as the duration of the site review, the average number of pages visited by a user,  etc.
Google Analytics is an easy to use tool that helps site owners analyze user interaction with site content. When a user views the web pages, Google Analytics provides site owners with Java Script tags (libraries) to record information about a page viewed by the user, such as the URL of the page. Java Script libraries use HTTP cookies to “remember” what the user has done on the pages of the site. 

Important: Google Analytics does not store any personal information about site visitors.
Google Analytics supports two types of JavaScript libraries (tags) to measure site usage: analytics.js and ga.js. The following paragraphs describe how each one uses cookies.
analytics.js. The Java Script library uses cookies for unique site users (who visit the site more than once) and for tracking site queries. 

analytics.js uses the following cookies:
_ga with validity term 2 years – for recognizing unique users;
_gat with validity term 10 minutes – to measure site requests. 

ga.js Java Script library uses cookies for:
to determine which domain to „measure“;
unique users; 
to measure site queries;
to memorize the number and time of previous visits;
to store information about the traffic source;
to determine the beginning and end of a session;

Types of cookies used by ga.js Java Script library:
__utma with validity term 2 years – used for unique users and sessions. The cookie is updated (including its expiration date) every time information is sent to Google Analytics;
__utmt with validity term 10 minutes – used to measure the site requests;
__utmb with validity term 30 minutes – used to define new sessions/visits. The cookie is updated (including its expiration date) every time information is sent to Google Analytics;
__utmz with validity term 6 months – keeps information on how the user has reached the site. The cookie is updated (including its expiration date) every time information is sent to Google Analytics;

Control cookies  
You can control and delete cookies whenever you like. All recent versions of popular browsers offer users a level of cookie control. Users can set their browsers to accept or reject all or certain cookies. Also browsers can be set to alert you when a particular site uses cookies.