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Image transfer gel 100ml - P35360

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Image transfer, Pentart
Quantity: 100ml

Water-based universal transfer gel that can be used to transfer color and black and white laser printed images to wood, glass, glazed ceramic, fabric and canvas. Apply a layer of the transfer gel on the object and also on the image to be transferred and then place it on the surface, image facing down. After drying (24 hour on air and 1 hour using a hair dryer), the vetted paper can gradually be rubbed off in several steps. The surface then should be protected with varnish so the colors become more vibrant.

Use one more layer of Image Transfer on glass and porcelain surfaces on top of the transferred image and then cure at 110 ° C for 20 minutes. Then the object will be washable in the dishwasher (use Eco program). For fabric, use two layers of Fabric Medium on top of the transferred image, which you should apply a little bit further on the edges of the picture. After that, it can be washed in a washing machine (40 ° C, using gentle program, inside-out).

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Image transfer 100ml - P35360