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Stretched Cotton Canvas 30x30cm 280g 1pcs Creativ - C25705

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The primed canvas for painting from 100% cotton stretched on a wooden frame is the perfect choice for hobbyist, professionals and crafters. Suitable for painting pictures and icons, as well as for creating school and creative projects. It can be painted with oil and acrylic paints. Ideal for techniques such as decoupage, crackle, scrapbooking, fluid painting, transfer technique, structural pastes, mix media and more. Suitable painting tools are brushes, sponges and palette knives.
All canvases are primed with three layers of acrylic primer, which ensures strong and tight attachment of the paint to the surface, and prevents the appearance of cracks and penetration of the paint on the back of the canvas.
Creativ art canvases are available in different sizes. They are packed individually, in heat-shrinkable foil, which protects against injuries during delivery.

- Size: 30 x 30 cm.
- Fabric - 100% cotton 280g/sq.m, triple primed without acid
- Size of wooden frame: thickness of the material 1.6cm, width of the wooden frame 2.9cm
- Quantity: 1 piece

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