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Glue for candles 100ml

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Glue suitable for decorating candles. Contains a flame retardant so that decorative elements applied to the candle can burn safely. The glue can also be used as a primer. The decorated surface can be protected by applying a layer of the glue itself or transparent wax paste. The glue is recommended primarily for use with the decoupage technique or with Rub-on pigments.


  • can be safely used to decorate candles;
  • containing a flame retardant additive;
  • water-based;
  • strongly binds to the wax surface;
  • can be used as a primer.


  • For sticking various decorative elements on the surface: colored foil, rub-on pigments, micro-beads, 3D powder, etc.
  • For gluing slag metal, pigment powders and brocades: use the candle glue as a primer and then apply Dekor Tacky glue, which leaves a tacky layer after drying. Then place the slag metal, powders or brocade.
  • Decoupage technique: apply the glue to the candle. Place an element of rice paper or napkin and apply again from the glue.

For safer burning, after decorating the candle, a transparent wax paste can be applied.

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