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Wax pigment 5g green

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Pigment suitable for coloring candle wax or gel candle wax. The colorant is in pastille form, making it easy to dose and mix.
Mix the desired amount of pigment to the already melted wax and stir slowly until the beads are completely melted. The recommended operating temperature is around 65-70°C, but not more than 90°C. The coloring is added when you take the wax off the heat. Too high a melting temperature of the wax or prolonged heating can lead to deviations in color, the use of some fragrances can also change the shade. The actual color can be judged with an already finished candle.

Dosage: 1-2g of pigment per 1kg of wax, depending on the desired color saturation (1g contains about 25 pastilles).

Quantity in the package: 5g
Color green